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Plat USA

Plat USA is a d.b.a. of JHL Equity Holdings LLC, an Arizona company that was formed in June of 2023 as an investment and holding company. 

See the company formation details on the Arizona Corporations Commission website >


We bank with Bank of America.

Mobile Notary

If we use a notary, we typically use NSS Notary, which has qualified notaries all over the United States who can come to you to finalize documents and record the deed.

Title Companies & Title Insurance

If the listed property is valued at less than $10,000, we typically do not use a title company because of the high cost. We still provide thorough due diligence on the property and can close in-house or use a title company of the buyer’s choosing at their expense. If, however, the property is worth more than $10,000, we hire a local title agency or closing attorney (depending on state laws) to complete the sale and transfer the deed.

Deed Filing

Our preferred processor is Simplifile when we file the deed ourselves. Otherwise, we use a title company or closing attorney.

Payment Processing

We use a secure software system integrated with Actum Processing to process monthly payments. For down payments, we use Stripe. For larger cash payments, we can set up an ACH transfer or accept a check or wire.

Counties We Focus On

When we evaluate a county, we consider population growth, unemployment rates, crime trends, tourism, proximity to big cities/national parks/attractions, and positive activity in the market among other things. We are always evaluating counties all over the United States. When we zero in on a county, we become experts of the region and conduct extensive due diligence to select prime land. If you would like to be notified when we have new properties available, add your email to the form below.

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